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We promote and practice Sensible, Moderate, Appropriate, and Responsible Tanning. Tan Smart Don’t Ever Sunburn. Our Philosophy: Moderate sun exposure – for individuals who can develop a tan – is the smartest way to maximize the real benefits of sunlight while minimizing the risks of either too much or too little sun exposure.


Face Masks :

We require our customers to wear Face Masks coming and leaving our salons. We will have disposable masks available for purchase soon.

We love to have you as a new customer! Whether you are wanting to UV or Sunless Tan we can get that for you and we want to make you feel like Family! Please check out our New Customer page for links to complete initial paperwork :) 

New Customer?


Starting @ only $16.99 per month 


Tanning safely whether inside or outside is extremely important. We have many pages to help you understand how we tan, what skin types are, why tanning times vary from salon to salon, sun tan myths, and much more. 

Tan Safely


The Tanning Experience is more than just coming to a salon and getting in a unit and walking out. It's about so much more! These pages will share tanning tips and secrets to help you get your tan as quickly as possible and keep it longer!

The Tanning Experience

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