Hello Hawaiian TanFastic friends!

I want to thank all of our amazing customers for choosing us as your favorite tanning salon and promise that we will continue to provide you with the most luxurious, relaxing, safe and immaculate environment to tan in. It has been our foundation for over 20 years.

COVID-19 Virus (Corona-virus) has impacted all our local communities and is the center of our attention in almost everything we do. In these uncertain times, I wanted to share what we are doing here at Hawaiian TanFastic and provide behind the scenes look into our everyday procedures that we have been doing since we opened our first salon in 2000:


  1. At Hawaiian TanFastic, we ALWAYS use hospital grade industry approved sanitizer/disinfectant to thoroughly sanitize/disinfect, our tanning units top to bottom.

  2. Our procedures to sanitize/disinfect the tanning unit thoroughly doesn’t stop there. We also sanitize the chair, the towel cabinet knob, the top of the towel cabinet or and/or towel cabinet shelf, the floor-mat, door handle of your room, and any commonly touched surfaces.

  3. We use a fresh towel to clean each unit after every customer session.

  4. If we notice that a client has used excessive amounts of tanning lotion, we repeat the process with a second clean towel. 

  5. We thoroughly clean our front desks, lobby areas, and restrooms every day.

  6. After each tanning session, we disinfect the sanitize sign that is located on the tanning unit.

  7. After each tanning session, we replace the eyeware we provide with a clean and disinfected pair.

As it has always been and outlined above, we take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In response to COVID-19 (Corona-virus), we have taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous:


  1. Our lobby area has been closed for a waiting area. We ask that you wait outside until we allow you inside. On occasion, we may ask that you wait outside until your tanning unit is ready for you.

    • Please understand that during our busiest times and especially in our seasonal months (March - May) we could have 10-15 guests waiting inside. Now because of social distancing - we moved our waiting area outside.

    • We honestly don't like our waiting area outside as it prevents us from getting to know each of you better. Some of the best conversations with our customers happen in the lobby area. Great friendships have been formed between our customers and us. But, we must move our waiting area outside in order to reduce the # in our lobby area.

    • It won't take long to see you outside and get you in and tanning. So, if you drive in to the parking lot and see a few guests waiting outside - please come on up to the door. We'll greet you shortly and bring you in for your tanning session :)

    • We appreciate your patience and are working for a way to be able to check in from your vehicles.

  2. We have many different types of customers – some that are recovering from surgery, some that are older, some that have compromised immune systems. Due to this and the heightened concerns with COVID-19 we adjusted our waiting area policy in March to include (but not limited to):

    • No children will be permitted to wait in our lobby area while parent/sibling/care provide is tanning.

    • If you have come to salon with someone (friend/family) and they are also tanning - we ask that you exit the salon after your tanning session and not wait in lobby area for a friend or family member.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience and we sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  3. We have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas (including lobbies, door handles, public bathrooms, etc.) and have continued the use of hospital-grade disinfectant.

  4. We sanitize our hands after we have cleaned a tanning room.

  5. We have installed plexi-glass sheilds at front desk. Please stand in front of the plexi-glass when talking with us about your tanning session, purchasing retail items, purchasing lotion products, purchasing a new tanning package or Beach Club membership.

  6. We wear face masks while working throughout the salon. However, when standing @ front desk & behind the plexi-glass we may lower face mask in order to be able to communicate better with our customers.

  7. We have hand sanitizer stations at each salons for customers to use before and after a  tanning session.

  8. In the rooms, we have supplied a bowl to place your face mask in while you are tanning. This bowl is disinfected after each customer.

  9. We DO require customers to wear face masks at this time.

We encourage all our guests to take measures to keep yourself and others healthy. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before eating, after using the restroom or after blowing your nose. Avoid touching your face, and cover your sneezes & cough! Regularly clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces in your home and workplace.


Thank you again, Hawaiian TanFastic friends! We love to make you look and feel your best!!!

Monica Martin


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