About Hawaiian TanFastic

 "I knew exactly what I wanted right from the beginning. When I began making plans to design my very first salon, my intent was to create an environment more like a spa rather than a typical tanning salon. I wanted to not only offer state of the art tanning equipment, but also provide a clean, COOL, comfortable, and professional atmosphere."

Monica Thomas Martin,

owner of Hawaiian TanFastic


Hawaiian TanFastic opened the Maple Avenue location on July 24, 2000. Our Maysville Avenue location was opened in February 2015. Developed with 100% customer in mind, we offer superior equipment,  and prior to COVID-19 pandemic we offered other additional tanning amenities not found at other tanning facilities. For instance, we offered a vanity area for customers that is stocked with items for makeup removal, eye care, and after tanning body care (temporarily on hold due to COVID-19).  Our goal is to make each tanning visit for you pleasant and effortless!